Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Admissions Flap at University of California

Zuppa a'la Napolitano

It looks like the University of California and its (always) embattled president, Janet Napolitano, are back in the soup again. For years, it has been known that the university has been favoring out-of-state students at the expense of California residents because the former pay about 3 times the tuition as the latter. It's what they call "revenue enhancement".


Now a state-released audit has sharply criticized UC and adds that in some cases, standards for out-of-state students have been lowered in order to admit them.

Of course, Napolitano, who bends over backwards to provide goodies to so-called "Dreamers" (illegal alien students, who by the way, get in-state tuition rates) does not accept the findings. "We need the dough," says she.

Of course, if she would look at other ways to save money, like cut down on the top-heavy bureaucracy (folks, who make 6-figure salaries), eliminate BS courses like gay studies, gender studies, ethnic studies, and stop building non-gender specific bathroom facilities and other nonsense, all kinds of dough could be saved. But she won't do that.

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Charlie said...

Most of the "Dreamers" are California residents.

But this is what happens when state legislatures get stingy about funding state universities. The administration and trustees have to get creative about finding funds to compensate. An increased flow of out of state students subsidizes the in-state students the legislature wants educated but doesn't want to pay for it.

Republicans and Democrats are alike on this: both want to offer constituents something for nothing. Republicans pretend we can cut taxes without cutting services, while Democrats pretend we can add programs without raising taxes. Both flunk elementary arithmetic.