Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Academic Chickens Coming Home to Roost

This article first appeared in Eagle Rising.

Last week's protest/riot at the Donald Trump rally in Chicago, which took place at a University of Illinois at  Chicago venue, was just the latest example of how an intellectually corrupt academia has brought the chickens home to roost. While there were many leftist factions participating, it was mostly a college age crowd and the initial calls for protest came from UIC faculty and students. This followed on the heels of the recent near riot at California State University at Los Angeles when conservative pundit Ben Shapiro made a speaking appearance. At least one faculty member at CSULA had a hand in stoking the fires of this protest, which turned raucous.

Having observed the rebirth of university left-wing activism up close over the past decade, it is my conclusion that this may well represent the victory of the college radical left. Consider where this country stands with the most crucial election of our history looming on the November horizon.

On the Democratic side, we have only one viable candidate, the corrupt and unhinged Hillary Clinton, a woman who is a caricature of herself. Her dishonesty stands naked before us- not just over the email scandal and Benghazi, which are the worst of her career, but her 25-year-political career itself. One would have to have the brain of a peanut shell to really believe this woman has any principles or scruples. In a sane country, she would have been laughed off the stage the moment she announced her candidacy. Unlike Nixon, there is no competency argument to be made in her defense. Benghazi has wiped that away once and for all. But to the liberal voters, character means nothing. It is all about policy.

On the Republican side, things started off promisingly with 17 candidates vying for the nomination, most all of whom were credible and talented people in their own ways. Yet, a blustery billionaire who has broken all the rules of protocol has sucked all the oxygen out of the room until only one other viable alternative is left-Ted Cruz-to challenge him. In response, the party establishment is trying to concoct some way to deny the voters the choice(s) they have voted for, which may be either Trump or Cruz. In doing so, they threaten to cause the party to implode-perhaps, fatally. It is very possible, perhaps probable, that a huge proportion of Republican voters will stay home on election day rather than vote for Trump or a similar number will stay home because their preferred candidate (Trump/Cruz) has been screwed out of the nomination by party brass. Unless they can thread the needle, only the FBI can stand in the way of a Hillary Clinton in the White House.

So while a nation desperately needs a change from the failed Democrat policies in order to deal with the threats that face us, we are increasingly faced with an electorate that reflects the indoctrination they have received in our universities, places where students learn all about micro/macro-aggression, safe spaces, trigger warnings, white privilege, and other nonsense. They are places where people who are supposed to be role models (professors-at least in the humanities and  social sciences) are instead, oddballs and misfits who hate everything our country stands for and see it as their job description to force feed those views down the collective throats of our children.

This is where it all starts, folks.

Based on what we already know, there is more than enough evidence to charge Clinton for the mishandling of classified information-a chronic mishandling that stretched over four years.  I trust Director James Comey, and I believe the FBI will recommend prosecution for at least the emails. If the politically-charged DOJ refuses to indict, it will say volumes about where our system of justice now stands. Equal justice for all? Not if she skates on this latest example of her dishonesty. It will also be another example of how our liberal law schools have failed to instill a reverence for the law in their students as opposed to a means to promote their leftist social agenda. At UCI Irvine, for example (where I teach part-time), we have a law school where the liberal side of every issue is deemed the Constitutionally sound side.

What a sad state this great country has come to. If the country does collapse, there will be plenty of blame to lay upon our political leaders, both Democrat and Republican. But it all starts with our education.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

Really Gary, you ought to read (or re-read) Lenin's Left-Wing Communism: An Infantile Disorder. That's about all that is cropping up on campuses these days. Infantile disorders.