Friday, March 4, 2016

A Smorgasbord of Violence in Sweden

Hat tip Blazing Cat Fur and Jihad i Malmo

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Meanwhile, in the country once known as Sweden, more violence has broken out thanks to the usual suspects. Hint: They are not guys named Lars and Nils.

Most seriously, three unidentified men are being held for murder in a refugee  asylum center. The police will not identify the suspects or the victim.

Next we have the case of a young woman who was attacked by a group of Arab men. She escaped, but not without injury.

Someday in the not too distant future, Europe's current collection of leaders and those in the EU are going to be condemned for what they are doing to their respective nations. Their women are being raped, and their people are being murdered- all in the name of a twisted version of humanity and diversity. It is criminal and it is insane.

Finally, the Swedish blog, Jihad i Malmo, has a long article in Swedish entitled "A Month in Unlucky Sweden", which lists all the migrant-related bad news from January 2016. (You can use Google translate.) It was written by Ingrid Carlsqvist.

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