Saturday, February 27, 2016

Vet Raises Benghazi at Clinton Rally and Gets Booted Amid Boos

This incident says much about the mindset of Democratic voters even in South Carolina. Bill Clinton was speaking on behalf of his wife Friday, and when a vet raised the issue of Benghazi, not only was he booed by the audience, he was escorted out of the hall.

Daily Caller has more. There was a woman involved.

Here is a longer video.

It seems to me that while the woman was being disruptive, the man was participating in a legitimate q and a and got a quick hook from security when he raised the issue of Benghazi. Be that as it may, it is the reaction of the crowd that I find most disturbing.

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Squid said...

There are numerous books on moving America left toward socialism. The author, Kengor, wrote two books on communism in America. The first book entitled "Dupes", outlines the past 100 years effort of Socialists/Markists/Communists working to move America "Forward" into socialism. Obama is the apex of this 100 years. Kingor's book entitled "Communist" reveals the master at the game who's name is Frank Marshal, Obama's mentor.
The bottom line is control of everything through central government, including free expression of ideas and opinions (free speech). We are not to talk about Benghazi or Hillary's emails. The pundens and the press follow this rule.
These useful idiots look beyond Bill's obvious womanizing and pay for play speeches, as well as Hillary's outrageous schemes deemed OK in spite of the lawlessness. The students of today are marinated socialist indoctrination as was Obama in his early years with family, friends and supporters who promote the lawlessness (think Baltimore riots). In addition, this is exactly what Saul Alinksy puts forth, which is gaining power through control, of the followers who no doubt attended this Clinton rally.
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