Tuesday, February 2, 2016

UConn Joins Move Back to Segregation

The University of Connecticut has joined a handful of other universities in establishing a dorm for African-Americans, in this case males.

I wrote on this issue a few days ago to report that UC Irvine was going to have an all-black dorm. I view this as a step back into the past when southern states had segregation. That is exactly what this is.

In the case of UConn, the reasoning could not be more specious. It assumes that black male students cannot thrive in an integrated environment. How in the world does this contribute to scholarship? This at a time when a host of new buzz words is invading campus lexicon including, "the other".

This is another example of the warped thinking that pervades academia. Only a university could come up with an idea like this.


elwood p suggins said...

If white separatists are racist, why, oh why, are black ones not similarly/equally racist??

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Did they make it mandatory that ALL black students will live in this dorm? If not, we have a different situation.

Why not an all-white dorm option? Well, if 90 percent of the students are black and some white students feel culturally isolated, maybe.

Reminds me of my plan for how to integrate historically black colleges and universities... offer special scholarships to non-black students (doesn't matter what kind of non-black) who submit essays on how they see their education benefiting from the history of this institution.