Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Two Speeches in Iowa

There must be something about Iowa that brings out the worst in oratory in politicians. Last night, Hillary Clinton (with a goofy-looking Bill Clinton standing behind her) gave an unhinged speech at the end of her disappointing Iowa caucus.

"And I know...."

Which brought back memories of an earlier speech given by Howard Dean, with a goofy-looking Tom Harkin standing behind him, at the end of his disappointing Iowa caucus.

And you know what happened to Dean after that speech.

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Squid said...

Gee, such glee, over a one percent lead over Sanders. What Hillary left out of her speech was "It was a video"; The parents of the 4 dead American's at Benghazi, lied; "There were no emails marked Confidential on my server and I was under sniper fire at the airport.