Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Godmother (Part 20)

Somewhere in New Hampshire.

The ambulance pulled up in front of a large rented house somewhere in the heart of the Granite State. It had been a long, hard drive from the cornfields of Iowa, but this was the last place anyone would look for the Godmother, be it the Sandini family or the Feds. She had narrowly survived an assassination attack in Iowa at the hands of the Sandinis, and now it was time to hide out for a few days until her wounds healed and she was strong enough to keep moving.

The ambulance parked in the long driveway and the gate was closed behind it. Two ambulance attendants carried the Godmother out of the vehicle on a stretcher, but once they entered the house, her aides took over carrying the stretcher upstairs into a bedroom where she was laid in bed. Only two of her closest aides stayed with her.

After a moment, the Godmother opened her eyes.

"Where the f--- am I?"

"You're in New Hampshire," the man answered.

"New Hampshire? What the f---- am I doing in New Hampshire?'

"It's the last place anyone would think to look for you."

"Where the f--- is Bill," she asked.

"Oh, he's still back in Iowa finishing up some business. He'll be coming soon," the aide answered.

"Never mind that," the Godmother replied. Where is Abelone?"

The aide hesitated a moment before answering.

"Uhh, we had to get her out of the country. The Feds were getting too close to her, and she's with her Brothers."

With that, the Godmother had heard enough. With a tired wave of her hand, she motioned for the aides to leave her alone. The aides left turning out the light behind them.

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