Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Fall of Lee Baca

Hat tip Sherman Oaks Patch

Lee Baca pleads guilty
Lee Baca (2nd from left) Note LASO badge on lapel

I have had the occasion to see Lee Baca when he was sheriff of LA County. On both occasions, they were Muslim events. Baca aside from the actions he was indicted for, was an apologist for some very questionable Islamic leaders and mosques in Southern California. On one occasion in 2012, he was part of a panel at a town hall at the Islamic Center of Orange County, in which we in the audience were told that sharia law was perfectly compatible with the US Constitution. On the other occasion, in December 2012, he attended an Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) dinner as part of their annual convention. MPAC is an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood. Baca would tell anyone who would listen that there was no radicalism going on in any Southern California mosques.

Now Baca stands shamed before his law enforcement colleagues. He was involved in the corruption in the LA County Jail (which is run by LASO). Specifically, he lied to FBI agents that he had no knowledge of his deputies going to the home of a female FBI agent who was investigating the goings-on at the jail to intimidate her. The facts revealed that he ordered the deputies to "bring her back in handcuffs" if necessary.

And yet, this man had the gall to show up for his plea in federal court with a miniature sheriff's badge on his lapel.

Though the plea deal recommends no more than 6 months in jail for Baca, the judge can use his or her own judgment (within the sentencing guidelines). If the sentence exceeds the 6 months, Baca has the option of taking back his plea  and going to trial.

In my view, 6 months is very light for betraying the public's trust.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

Baca must be a hero to the "states rights" and "sovereign citizen" movements.