Monday, February 8, 2016

PEGIDA Banned in Calais: Twenty People Arrested Including Retired General

Hat tip Gallia Watch and Francois Desouche

Gen Christian Piquemal, second right, addresses demonstrators at the rally
Christian Piquemal just before his arrest

On Saturday, there were PEGIDA demonstrations all over Europe. In Calais, they were banned from protesting. When some folks showed up and listened to a speech by retired 4-star general Christian Piquemal (75), they (and the general) were arrested in a fashion that would have made any SWAT team proud. Gallia Watch has a report including a video of the "take down" of General Piquemal.

Well, watching the video, it doesn't quite compare to the Hitler Beerhall Putsch and the arrest of General Ludendorf, but it really raises questions. I mean, who is the danger to French society, the Islamists or the protesters?


Siarlys Jenkins said...


Siarlys Jenkins said...

In France, being a retired general is not always a good recommendation. Remember Marshall Petain?