Friday, February 26, 2016

Melissa Click: "I Thought He (Student Journalist) Might Have A Gun"

Hat tip Daily Caller

Here is the latest laffer from fired University of Missouri journalism professor Melissa Click (the one who didn't know anything about the First Amendment). Seems that one of her defenses for her outrageous actions in trying to call for "some muscle" to remove a student journalist from a public protest on the Mizzou campus was that she thought he might have a gun.

Of course the video clearly fails to show her saying anything about any gun when she was calling on students to remove the young man with a camera.

What Click has done to Mizzou is much worse than bring discredit upon the university. She has made it a national laughing stock.

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Charlie said...

I don't know about making the university a national laughing stock... after all, the university had the integrity to fire her.