Friday, February 5, 2016

Judicial Watch Weekly Update

Hillary wanted a separate (non-DOS) computer across the hall from her office

If Hillary Clinton winds up taking a fall (either legally, politically or both), much of the credit must go to Judicial Watch and their FOIA-turned lawsuit on her emails. Here is the latest from JW chief Tom Fitton. Now we learn that Clinton sought a separate (non-DOS) computer to use for her communications.

Now, you don't think Hillary was trying to avoid any future FOIA requests, do you?



And somebody needs to tell that DOS spokeshole John Kirby (US Navy Admiral retired) that his own credibility is sinking fast.

"We don't see any ship sinking."

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Squid said...

As I have shared with your readers before, I contribute significant sums of money to JW. They are the only act in town that can unseat Hillary in her quest for more money and power. The Mass Media is doing their best to hide all the information about Hillary in the email scandal, Benghazi and the favors for Clinton Foundation contributors. With all of the disclosed information, uncovered by DW freedom of information act law suits, the FBI will have a hard time not recommending indictment. In addition, Loretta will look like political hack if she tries to bury this recommendation. As some commentators have stated, there will be resignations and leaks of the evidence in the Hillary scandals. The timing of all this is critical. Let us hope that all of the scoop comes just before the big election, where many of the low information types get the whole story and vote accordingly.