Monday, February 1, 2016

Clinton Emails Endangered Operations, Methods and Lives

Hillary Clinton is still insisting that those emails (now totaling about 1,580) were not classified at the time she saw them. Yet, an official who has reviewed them has told Fox News that the just-released 22 that were beyond top secret endangered operations, methods, and lives.

Hillary must be getting parsing lessons from her husband, who is a champ at the craft. Of course, when you are using an email server that is private, it is easy to say they were not marked classified. Apparently, nothing in Secretary of State Clinton's world was classified. Perhaps, it has something to do with those "cut and paste" instructions Hillary gave her aides. I know one thing: If you are transmitting messages that deal with intelligence operations, sources and methods, there has to be a classification marking on it. There is no way, those messages were "unclassified". No way.

And still the White House stumbles along as if nothing was wrong as spokeshole Josh Earnest clings to the months-long talking point that Mrs Clinton is not the target of the investigation. (If not, who is-Chapo Guzman?) This is not sitting well with the FBI. (Hat tip Eagle Rising.)

Wouldn't you like to be a fly on the wall when Hillary is behind closed doors? Given her well-known temper, she must be close to the breaking point. I can just hear those lamps flying.


Squid said...

The fact that Hillary gave her server to her lawyer and a tech person for storage, with all the super top secret information is a Federal crime, with felony behind it. Giving such highly secret documents to anyone without top secret or more clearance, is a crime. By Hillary signing an agreement of understanding about what is top secret and how it must be handled, puts her in deep trouble.
She should not get a Get-out -jail card.


Gary Fouse said...

I expect the handling of these emails could result in an indictment soon. What will take longer is investigating the Clinton Foundation. I'll bet those 34,000 emails she deleted will have much info on that. Benghazi as well.