Sunday, February 7, 2016

How to Screw Up an Introduction

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You would think handling the intros at last night's Republican debate in New Hampshire would be as simple as ABC, right?


Things started off well enough as Chris Christie was introduced first. Next was Ben Carson, but he apparently didn't hear his name called and stood there in the backstage runway just off stage. At least twice some guy behind a curtain tried to shoo Carson onto the stage. At one point he moved forward to the end of the runway but stayed there. That caused utter confusion. Donald Trump was called, but he also stood in the runway. Jeb Bush appeared totally confused and walked out past Carson and Trump. Finally ABC moderator David Muir called for Carson to please get his ass out there. Then as Carson finally emerged, Muir said, "Lastly, Donald Trump...".  Problem was John Kasich was still waiting at the end of the runway to be called. It was a total mess.

Saturday Night Live could have never made this up, but I guarantee you they will re-create it next week.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

Its getting hard to tell Saturday Night Live and the GOP apart from each other.

But hey, the original SNL cast is what gave Al Franken his first fifteen minutes of fame.