Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Hillary Throws Race Charge at Republican Senators Over Supreme Court Issue

Hat tip Daily Caller

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Is there a more craven person on the planet than Hillary Clinton? Supreme Court nominations are usually ugly affairs due to the importance of the position, but now Clinton, taking her barking tour to Harlem yesterday, has  injected race into the issue. She implies that the reason the Republicans won't act on President Obama's Supreme Court nominee to replace Antonin Scalia is because the president is black. (I am not even sure "imply" is the right word.)

Where was Hillary Clinton when Clarence Thomas was being raked over the coals by Democrats during his confirmation process and people were calling him an "Uncle Tom"? Where was she when Dems were savaging Miguel Estrada and saying he wasn't Hispanic enough?

How much do you want to bet Obama is going to pick a black nominee now that Hillary has shamelessly thrown race into this? That's all we need-more racial division. Shame on Hillary Clinton.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

As I've said many times in this very space, Republicans are not in general being racist, they are throwing childish temper tantrums out of a wounded sense of entitlement. They thought that the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980 ushered in a Thousand Year Reich, or at least the prelude to a Republican Century, and darn it all, if those voters didn't go and elect a Democrat after only 12 years. Then they got things back on track for eight years, and gosh, those darn voters elected another Democrat, a man with a funny name who was stirring up the pot and attracting voters who were supposed to be firmly in the GOP column.

Accordingly, they dedicated themselves in December 2008 to playing chicken with the United States of America, their number one priority being to make sure President Obama accomplished nothing, no matter how badly it hurt the country. They did, begrudgingly, give up a few votes to confirm two Supreme Court nominees, but even the GOP couldn't quite bring themselves to suggest that seats on the court should remain vacant for six years or so.

Losing their beloved Antonin Scalia took the GOP by surprise, and coming at the beginning of an election season, they just lost their heads and made wild, irresponsible, hysterical comments, then backed it up with bold faced lies. (Notably, Marco Rubio said there comes a time in every presidential term when you stop making appointments to the judiciary, which has not been true of John Adams, George W. Bush, or hardly anybody in between. He made it up, as is his wont.)

Hillary is an idiot to throw racism into the mix, but then, if you can believe Kathleen Parker and an unnamed black friend of Parker's from Camden South Carolina, Hillary is blatantly begging for every black vote because the myth that "blacks love Hillary" is all that stands between her and a well deserved disaster in her latest bid to succeed her husband (delayed by the unfortunate Obama interregnum).

Gary Fouse said...

Both sides will come out of this looking terrible, but the stakes are so high. As long as Republicans abide by the rules and the law, I will support their refusal to consider Obama's nominee.

Obama has done so much harm to this country. The Republicans in Congress have caved in to him over and over again.

Squid said...

Hillary's race card use in this Supreme Court issue is a pure Saul Alinsky tactic found in his "Rules For Radicals". Remember, Hillary praised Alinsky and wanted to meet him. She uses his tactics, just like Obama has, all his political life. The Republicans know this but cave, as mentioned by Gary. I also agree with Siarlys, that it is idiotic for her to use the race card, but it is the tactic.
Obama will not go to the funeral of Supreme Court Justice Scalia, because he truly was a strong follower and supporter of the Constitution. This will be a first for a President, when a sitting Supreme Court justice passes on. Obama has not been so supportive of our Constitution. Instead, Obama will go to Cuba to embrace the Communist, murderers Castro and Castro.
Does this send a clear message to the Progressives (Socialist) types in America.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Gary, your first paragraph is oxymoronic.

Your second paragraph reminds me of... what was that freckly faced guy... oh, yeah, Alfred E. Neumann. What? Me obstruct the president?