Thursday, February 11, 2016

Gabriel Piterberg Back Teaching at UCLA

Hat tip Campus Watch and Daily Bruin

"School is in."

UCLA Professor and anti-Israel activist Gabriele Piterberg will be back in the classroom as a result he has made with school officials. Piterberg is the subject of sexual harassment complaints by two co-eds.

I don't know the truth behind these allegations, but it seems to me that while the University of California is grappling with the issue of sexual abuse on campus, a student would not be treated in the same manner as a teacher. I have added my comment to the Daily Bruin reader thread. would suggest that anytime, Piterberg's Center for Near East Studies, which is nothing but a storefront operation for anti-Israel activism, holds an event, they be reminded of their most "illustrious" member, Gabriel Piterberg.

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