Sunday, February 21, 2016

Duke Hi-Jinks

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Did you hear about the latest stupidity coming out of Duke University, home of the Blue Devils-or is it White Devils?

"Yeh, ah did."

Seems the little rascals are upset because a fraternity held a jailbird-themed party. Now they want fraternities and sororities banned along, of course, with prisons.

“Their acts normalize a system that enacts brutality and violence against low-income communities and communities of color—right here, down the road, in Durham.”

And don't forget cultural appropriation.

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"If ya can't find a partner, use a wooden chair..."

If you didn't know anything about what goes on in our "institutions of higher learning", you might ask why the professors don't explain the facts of life to these young people. But where do you think they learn this nonsense?

That's right; in the classroom.

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