Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Catholic Bishop in San Diego Lectures Audience on Bigotry Against Islam

Hat tip to Jihad Watch

God save us from our religious leaders. On February  17, the Catholic Bishop of San Diego, Robert McElroy, held one of those interfaith events featuring Islamic Society of North America official Sayyid Syeed. The Bishop told his audience that they must not be bigoted towards Islam. Instead, they must be welcoming. Jihad Watch has the story, to which there is little to be added.

Somebody needs to send McElroy to Europe, where he can see first-hand how the cultural traditions of Europe are being destroyed (to say nothing about Europe itself). It would be an education for him. He also needs an education as to ISNA, which Syeed represents.

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Squid said...

It is amazing how left the Catholic church has turned under Pope Francis. In a story this morning, the Catholic church in California wants to fast-track citizenship for migrants and illegal migrants. The church is providing money for this effort, to the immigrants. So much for separation of Church and State.

One should ask the Catholic Bishop about Mohammad's sanctioning and promoting wife beating and does the Bishop agree with this behavior.