Monday, February 8, 2016

Cam Newton

It's easy to jump all over Cam Newton for his disastrous press conference after losing to the Denver Broncos yesterday. It was totally without class.

Newton seems to have some growing up to do. One report says he reached the limit while hearing Denver cornerback Chris Harris a few feet away telling a group of reporters that "they had gotten to Newton". Perhaps, so. At any rate, Newton is a very young man and hopefully will get better at this with maturity.

It is especially unfortunate since he had been coming under fire recently for his on-field celebrations, in which some chose to insert a racial aspect.

I find it hard to place too much importance in sports interviews in general. Had the Panthers won, Newton and everybody else on his team would have been mouthing inanities about how amazing it all was, how they had a great bunch of guys in that locker room who never say, quit, etc. etc etc. But then again, many of the questions are inane as well. Maybe there needs to be a longer "cooling off" period after games.

As for Peyton Manning, I have finally figured it out that I really admire this man (in spite of his annoying commercials). Win or lose, Manning would have put on a coat and tie, come out and given polite, thoughtful answers. But then again, Manning has about 15 years of age on Newton. It's not totally fair to compare and contrast.

Cam Newton has learned a painful lesson, and I hope this doesn't continue to hang over his head.

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