Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Breaking: Ex-LASO Sheriff Lee Baca Indicted

It is just being announced by the US Attorney's Office and FBI in Los Angeles that ex-LA Sheriff Lee Baca has been charged for lying to FBI agents during their investigation of corruption in the LA County Jail. He is expected to plead guilty in court this afternoon. According to a plea deal, it is expected he will receive 6 months in jail. This also involves Baca trying to prevent the FBI from interviewing a prisoner in the jail.

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Anonymous said...

Sheriff Lee Baca has shamed himself and puts all of the Sheriff's Department in bad light. With advocacy groups jumping on any real or unreal serious law enforcement infraction, allows them to endanger other agencies across the nation.
the Code of Ethics of LASD is excellent and all personnel most attend to them,from the top to the bottom of the ranks.

LASD Codes of conuct:

Our Mission

to enforce the law fairly and within constitutional authority;

to be proactive in our approach to crime prevention;

to enhance public trust through accountability;

to maintain a constitutionally sound and rehabilitative approach to incarceration;

to provide a safe and secure court system;

to maintain peace and order;

and to work in partnership with the communities we serve to ensure the highest possible quality of life.

Our Core Values:


With integrity, compassion, and courage, we serve our communities-- protecting life and property, being diligent and professional in our acts and deeds, holding ourselves and each other accountable for our actions at all times, while respecting the dignity and rights of all.