Friday, February 12, 2016

A Voice of Courage at UC Santa Barbara

Hat tip College Insurrection and National Review

If you read most of my articles on UC Santa Barbara, you would come to the conclusion that this is just a big party school where nothing serious happens when it comes to scholarly study and research. It's just a place where students fly around campus on skateboards or bikes, and goofy professors snatch pro-life posters from teenage demonstrators and shove them out of elevators. That's when they are not out rioting in the adjacent party strip called Isla Vista.

Now things are getting ugly. A conservative writer for the campus paper, Daily Nexus, has now been threatened with a stabbing.

Here is the original article in the Daily Nexus that created such a stir. I have joined in the reader comment thread with my own take.

Jason Garshfield. Remember that name. I think we will be hearing from him in the years ahead. He is a courageous young man.

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