Saturday, February 13, 2016

81 More Classified Emails Released by State Dept.

Today the State Department released another 1,000 pages of emails from then-secretary of State Hillary Clinton including 81 that they have marked "classified".

Of course Clinton continues to insist that none of these documents were classified at the time they were received or sent. Of course. That's because her server was outside the whole classification system. It's like if I get classified information from someone on my blog and then post it. Nothing is marked classified. It's the information, Stupid! That process makes her guilty of gross negligence in the handling of classified information. That, Dear Reader, is a legal term and means there is an open and shut case on her in regard to those hundreds, if not thousands of counts.

It's all right here in US Code 18 section 793 (f).


Squid said...

With all this evidence against Hillary, regarding all the classified emails in addition to those Top Secret and Compartmentalized emails, how can she be "100 percent confident" that she will not be indicted by the DoJ? The may be with an arrangement with Obama that includes praising his legacy for putting Loretta Lynch under the Obama thumb, not to indict.
You and I Gary, would be in jail for the rest of our lives for this behavior.

Gary Fouse said...

They have an open and shut case on the emails right now, I would wager. The probe into the Clinton foundation will take longer, but they could indict on the emails now and indict on the other stuff later.