Saturday, January 30, 2016

Who Are You Gonna Blame Now, Hillary?

Hat tip Squid

Hillary Clinton is running out of people to blame for being politically motivated when it comes to her email scandal. The State Department has now admitted that certain Clinton emails contained classified material. The below article is from the Washington Post-hardly a right-wing news outlet.

One can only wish the the Post was dedicating resources to this story as they did during Watergate, but it is good to know that more readers are seeing the story in print.

"The Friday announcement was significant because it appeared to undercut Clinton’s argument in recent months that she was merely the victim of a bureaucratic squabble between overly strict analysts at the intelligence agencies and more reasonable reviewers at the State Department."

Hillary and her camp are now not just blaming Trey Gowdy and the Republicans. Now they are taking shots at the intelligence community. Soon they will be blasting the FBI.

Is everybody out there politically motivated to bring down poor Mrs Clinton?

And isn't it a hoot that the Clinton campaign is calling for the State Department to release the contents of those 22 emails mentioned in the latest report? For reasons of transparency, no less. They know full well that those emails cannot be released to the public because of their stated sensitivity. How disingenuous!

The late Christopher Hitchens, I recall, wrote a book about Bill Clinton entitled, "No one left to lie to".  That, of course, has applied to Hillary for a long time. Soon it will be, "No one left to blame."

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elwood p suggins said...

The bigger hoot will be when she gets indicted with no time for conviction prior to the election, the dummies/mopes on the left manage to get her elected, and she is compelled to pardon herself rather than becoming the first US prez to be hauled off to the pokey (depending on who is talking, several others may be equally eligible, but that is beside the point).

This will take us one GIANT step closer on the path to essentially becoming just another banana republic, as has been the trend for the last 7-plus years. Even one term, let alone two, by Clinton, Sanders, Warren, Biden, Kerry, whoever, should just about complete that journey.