Monday, January 4, 2016

The Train Station in Cologne

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

It seems that the Central Train Station in Cologne, Germany is not safe these days due to the presence of gangs of "young men".  On New Years Eve, over 30 women were sexually assaulted near the station by a large number of "young men" as they are euphemistically referred to by the authorities and media. Having been at that train station a few times, I know that it is in highly public area of the central city. You would think that the police would be all over the place.

Think again.

As the below posts from Vlad Tepes report, it seems that (once again) political correctness takes precedence over public safety. Even getting the media in most European countries to identify the suspects accurately is like pulling teeth. In Cologne, however, there has been an exception. In the below news report (with English sub-titles) a reporter says that public safety must be enforced without regard to political correctness as he talks about the attacks.

The below news article (Express) identifies the gang members who have taken over the train station as North African immigrants,

"Ein Beamter verriet EXPRESS, dass es sich bei den Tätern um eine Gruppe junger Nordafrikaner handelt, die in der Vergangenheit bereits durch Taschendiebstähle und Drogenhandel in der Nähe des Hauptbahnhofs aufgefallen sind."  

Translation: An official revealed to Express that the perpetrators are from a group of young North Africans who in the past have been known for pick pocketing and drug dealing in the vicinity of the Central Train Station.

(The official also denied rumors on social media that they are refugees. I never saw them when I was there, but then again, that was a long time ago.) 

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