Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Fate of Christian Girls in Pakistan

Hat tip Frontpage Magazine

Another day, another depressing story out of that depressing place called Pakistan. It is not a pleasant place to be if you are a Christian. (Probably not so pleasant for Muslims either).

Here is the latest atrocity that was visited upon Christian girls.

And just this week, a bunch of do-gooder interfaith Christian leaders got together with some Muslims including a member of CAIR to hold an event at Golden West College in Huntington Beach called, "Challenging Islamophobia". While non-Muslims are being raped and murdered all over the Islamic world-not to mention the "cultural enrichment" going on in Europe, we are constantly being besieged by these crybabies moaning about "Islamophobia", a term they concocted to silence critics of Islam and others who want to ask hard questions about why all these horrific things are happening around the world. In other words, we are the bad guys because we speak out about the bad things that (certain) Muslims are doing. How offensive it is.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

As to the first half of your article, thugs will use whatever rationale is available for cover. Irish thugs, Jewish thugs, black thugs, Italian thugs, Pakistani Muslim thugs... they all wrap themselves in whatever cover they have. Nothing new in the world about that.

As to the second half of your article, the word "Islamophobia" is absurd, and those who attack it on any other ground are fools. Nobody is AFRAID of Islam. Some people don't LIKE it for various reasons, rational or irrational.

Thugs who commit rape in the name of Islam are thugs. Good Muslim girls who don't engage in sex outside of marriage are nothing to get upset about.

Gary Fouse said...

Nobody is afraid of Islam? How about the Christians in Iraq and Syria or Egypt, Yemen, Libya or Pakistan? Hardly an irrational fear I would say.

Gary Fouse said...

Cover? Wow. The fact is they really think it is ok to sexually assault non-Muslim girls. Cologne was another example of that as is Sweden-the rape capital of Europe. It goes on and on.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

What we know is, a pack of teen age or young adult horny males riding around in a car looking for girls think its OK to assault them if they don't swoon at your self-evident charms. Not exactly unique to any particular religion or ethnicity. It needs to be reigned in, every generation.

We also know that this attitude is rife and less restrained in certain parts of southern Europe, eastern and southern Asia, where the males at issue are more likely to be Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist, than Christian, although I wouldn't be surprised if it cropped up among some Orthodox Jewish men if a certain critical mass were reached. Nor does Christianity immunize against this.

I actually haven't hear that Yazidis or Christians or Shia in the middle east in danger of actual death or enslavement have been accused of "Islamophobia." No, its people writing blogs and riding around a lucrative lecture circuit who face, and implode over, that artificial term.