Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Cologne Attacks: Was There Religious Symbolism?

Hat tip Gates of Vienna

Gates of Vienna has posted an article by Klaus-Juergen Gadamer written in Burma. In this article Gadamer notes that the Cologne sexual assaults on New Years Eve happened in front of the famous Cologne Cathedral. Gadamer ask what the reaction would have been if foreigners did the same thing at a temple in Thailand or a Middle East mosque. I can answer that question.

Having lived in Thailand from 1975-78 and having experienced two coups, I can tell you that any foreigners who committed such acts in front of a Buddhist temple would have been killed on the spot. The cops would have arrived and ground them hanging from trees with their heads bashed in. I say that because one time during the student unrest in Thailand during the 1970s, some were perceived as having insulted the royal family during a disturbance. There was a gruesome picture in the Thai newspapers showing a student hanging from a tree while a man was bashing his lifeless head into a pulp with a chair.

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