Saturday, January 30, 2016

Social Justice in 8 Pages at UNC Greensboro

My 8-Point Plan for Social Justice

Hat tip The College Fix

Imagine having to write an 8-page paper on what you are going to do to advance social justice-"given the new indoctrination understanding you have about society and education". That's what happened to students taking a course at UNC Greensboro from Revital Zalonka. The College Fix has the report.

In response, I refuse to devote 8 pages to refuting this feminist activist warrior, but I will limit it to 8 actions which I will commit to to achieve my own definition of social justice.

1 I will fight to defeat political correctness on campus

2 I will fight the anti-Semitism on campus that results from the anti-Israel efforts of pro-Palestinian students.

3 I will continue to fight against leftist professors like Zalonka who want to indoctrinate students with their own beliefs

4 I will vote against Democrats.

5 I will continue to expose Islamists in our society who want to impose their own values on us.

6  I will continue to stand for conservative principles.

7  I will continue to advocate the prosecution of Hillary Clinton for corruption and endangering our national security.

8 I will fight against identity politics based on a person's ethnicity.

What? I have run out of space already?


Siarlys Jenkins said...

"Social justice" is a broad and elastic phrase. I'm sure Gary could write eight pages on what he would do to advance social justice as that term is understood by Gary Fouse. In fact, it probably has a lot to do with beating back militant Islam, fighting resurgent anti-Semitism, and finding a candidate worthy of the presidency, Gary having ruled out Trump, Cruz, Clinton, O'Malley, and I don't think he really wants Sanders either. Now, how the teacher who made the assignment would grade Gary's paper is the real question -- and THAT could provoke a fight worth fighting, or not.

Gary Fouse said...

I did not rule out Cruz. I ruled out Christie.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Sorry, I overestimated your faculty for reason.