Sunday, January 24, 2016

Pink-Washing Goes Bananas in Chicago

The term, "pink-washing" is applied to Israel by its enemies because  the Jewish state is quite tolerant to the homosexuals in its society. That is in stark contrast to the way homosexuals are treated in neighboring Muslim lands including the Palestinian areas of Gaza and the West Bank, where they are thrown off the tops of buildings. In spite of those inconvenient facts, Israel's sworn enemies have launched a campaign called pink-washing, which charges that Israel uses its tolerance of gays to create its own propaganda, which is not fair to the poor Palestinians. Have I explained that properly?

So an Israel gay group (Please forgive me if I avoid that long acronym, which is impossible to memorize) schedules an event in Chicago. That doesn't sit well with the anti-Israel mopes who decide they must disrupt it because just like the people in the Geico commercial, it's what they do. Unsurprisingly, Jewish Voice for Peace, the most inappropriately-named organization since the Los Angeles Lakers, was at the forefront.

William Jacobson of Legal Insurrection has a report on what happened in Chicago complete with videos.

This is a classical example of the far-left forces all coming together against Israel. Have these loons ever considered what would happen to Israeli gays if that country were ever overrun and defeated?

On second thought, I guess it would be the same fate as the rest of the Jews in Israel.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

What these comfortable American loonies still haven't learned is that there is nothing "left" about the Arab causes, and nothing un-left about Israel.