Saturday, January 9, 2016

Palestinian Killer Shot Dead

Nashat Milhem, the Palestinian killer who murdered two Israelis last week in a Tel Aviv pub, was found by security police and killed in a shootout after a week on the lam.

That's good news.

Predictably, the American supporters of Palestinians, like the one below, were quick to assume that the poor killer was "executed". Richard Silverstein is a Seattle-based blogger whose life mission is to attack Israel and accuse it of everything from oppression against Palestinians to being behind the Great Johnstown Flood. His blog is an endless procession of wild conspiracy theories about Israel.

Of  course, Silverstein has no proof for his wild assertions. It is interesting that police recovered the very weapon used in the pub shooting.

Last week, when Silverstein predicted that the poor terrorist would be "executed" by police, I sent in a comment suggesting he might want to hide Milhem out in his Seattle basement to keep him company. Fortunately, Milhem didn't make it to the US as one of Obama's "refugees".

My condolences to Silverstein.

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