Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Let's Play, "Who Wants to Be a Refugee?"

Host: "Please welcome our first contestant, Jim, from Santa Cruz, California!"


Host: "So, tell us, Jim, what do you do?"

Jim: "I'm a student at UC Santa Cruz, Bob"

Host: "And what are you majoring in?"

Jim: "Community Studies with a minor in History of Consciousness."

Host: "Uhh, OK. So, are you ready to play, 'Who wants to be a refugee?"

"Jim: "Let's do it."

Host: "OK. So what category do you want to choose?"

Jim: "Widows and Orphans, Bob."

Host: "Your first question for $100: Say you are an ISIS terrorist who has four wives, each of whom you have had three kids with. If you blow yourself up with a car bomb, how many orphans do you leave behind?"

Jim: "That's easy. Twelve. Final answer."

Host: "No, Dummy. The answer is zero. You leave behind 12 widows, but your kids still have mamas."

Host: "Get'em outta here."