Tuesday, January 12, 2016

ISIS Eats (Burns) Its Own

Hat tip American Thinker

It is this bad. The ISIS fighters who were driven out of Ramadi last week fled to Mosul, where they were burned alive by their own compatriots. What barbarity.

That apparently doesn't make much of an impression on Hillary Clinton. On Monday, she was pandering to a group of liberal questioners in a forum in Iowa. See what she said when one questioner asked if she thought white terrorism (whatever that is) posed a greater threat to Americans than ISIS. Her rambling answer can be viewed in the below link.

Miss Teen South Carolina could have given a more coherent and sensible answer than that.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

Some of the most powerful military outfits in human history were built on the doctrine that if the front line retreats, the line behind will put spears into them, so better to die from the front than from behind. I'm not for it, although a little more of this may pare down the numbers of people in Daesh, and give people thinking of flying across the world to volunteer cause to rethink their priorities. But its not entirely shocking that a group of this nature would treat its adherents that way. I wonder if the wives who flew from Paris to marry and serve mujahedeen are burned with their husbands?

If you are burned alive by your own side, on arrival in paradise is the number of virgins waiting to greet you doubled or cut in half? (Doubled if they are Roman Catholic nuns, cut in half otherwise. And sometimes, its 72 Virginians.)