Monday, January 18, 2016

Hypocrisy at American University Black Lives Matter Event

Hat tip The College Fix

On January 13, Patrisse Cullors, a Black Lives Matter activist and co-founder, spoke at American University. Prior to the start of the event, certain people were prohibited from videotaping. The College Fix has the report. Interestingly enough, during the q and, Cullors was asked if people should videotape the police, and she answered in the affirmative. This was recorded by the student questioner who was also acting as a reporter for The College Fix.

Here is the report on the event by American University campus paper, The Eagle.

I find it also odd that Ms Cullors would compare Emmett Till, a young boy who was brutally murdered in the South in the 1950s for whistling at a white woman, with Trayvon Martin. The trial of George Zimmerman effectively proved that it was a case of self defense.

I have sent an email to the student journalist at The Eagle outlining the above points.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

Oh, I was going to say that it was incongruous to say compare Trayvon Martin to Michael Brown... the videotape of George Zimmerman riding around with police explaining what he had been doing make it clear that Martin was acting in self-defense, since any reasonable human being would have thought Zimmerman was stalking Martin, which he was. Brown, on the other hand, was acting in a manner that would justify an officer going for his gun, although with better training and back-up Officer Wilson might have handled it better and the result might not have been fatal.

But I agree that anyone making a speech in a public setting has no basis to try to prevent people from videotaping the event. It is true that dramatic performances routinely forbid all photography, but their work is copywrited and marketed. I suppose a motivational speaker who claimed their presentation was for sale could limit video taping inside a ticketed event.