Wednesday, January 27, 2016

German Refugee Camp: Swastikas And Anti-Jewish Slurs

Hat tip Breitbart

Image result for german refugee camp at tempelhof
Tempelhof (No, this is not the Oktoberfest.)

The swastika is outlawed in Germany. Yet, there it is in a German refugee camp at the former Tempelhof Airport. Breitbart has a report on what happens when an Israeli Jew wearing a kippah attempts to "dialogue" with the refugees.

Well, I guess if the fiasco in Cologne on New Years Eve hasn't convinced Angela Merkel that this is a bad idea, what good with the swastikas do?

Congratulations, Germany. You have succeeded in bringing back the Nazis. By the time I get back to Germany, I look forward to hearing the Horst Wessel anthem blaring through the streets of Berlin.

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