Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Freedom of Expression at UCLA: What Cannot Be Asked?

This past weekend, I attended a forum at UC Irvine on the topic of "Freedom of Speech-What Cannot Be Said?"

Meanwhile, there was an event at UCLA revolving around the school's requirement that incoming freshman take classes devoted to the proposition that People of Color are still being victimized by Privileged Whites.

Lau recalled a situation during which a foreign student asked “what if the reason black males are incarcerated more than whites is because they commit more crimes?” She said there was a total silence in the room. She then stated she wished she knew how to answer, because hard questions should be asked.
Shortly after, Assistant Professor Safiya Noble stated “we cannot let unsophisticated comments stand.” She said that as a faculty in residence for the “Afrikan Disapora” dorm floor, she has learned that “those questions outside the norm make black students feel not just microaggressed, but actually aggressed.”
So forget about what cannot be said. At UCLA, you cannot even ask the question.

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