Thursday, January 21, 2016

Europe Facing Hard and Immediate Choices

This article first appeared in Eagle Rising.

For years now, Europeans have realized that whatever assimilation they had with their immigrants had hit a stone wall. Faced with rising crime, welfare costs, and Islamic militancy, more and more people were questioning the wisdom of importing hostile people from countries where terrorism abounded. In response, they were labeled by their leaders and the left as racists and Islamophobes. Prominent people like Geert Wilders in the Netherlands and Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff were prosecuted for "hate speech". All the while the situation grew worse with no-go zones, riots, acts of terror, and assaults against Jews on the streets. That was before the Syrian civil war and the rise of ISIS.

Now Europe is being flooded with hundreds of thousands of refugees and others claiming to be refugees. The result is chaos and crime. The presence of ISIS killers among those arriving has resulted in deadly attacks in Paris with more coming. The latest outage is organized sexual assaults against Western women as evidenced by what happened on New Years Eve in Cologne and other German cities. The protests against this madness are increasing by the day. And still, Europe's feckless leaders, led by Germany's Angela Merkel, insist on welcoming the flood.

The people are now in fear and have had enough. Rightist political parties, such as the National Front, led by Marine Le Pen in France, are gaining more and more followers. Grass-roots organizations like the English Defense League in the UK and PEGIDA in Germany are gaining more and more members and support.

Europe is clearly at a cross-roads. Will they surrender to this flood and allow the demographics of their nations to change to the point where the indigenous peoples become a minority hiding behind their doors in the name of multi-culturalisim-as their freedoms disappear? Or will they take their nations back? Many say it is too late.

I am not sure I agree, but the time for action is now. The question is what form will it take? Responsible leadership would close the borders now and start sending the miscreants back to wherever they came from. Europe will always have room for decent immigrants who respect the laws, traditions, and values of their adopted countries. There is no room for what is washing up on Europe's shores. There is no moral necessity to import criminals and terrorists.

If Europe wants to remain Europe and hold on to its freedoms, they need to make a choice now. They can replace their weak politicians with those who will protect their populations from crime, terrorism and civil unrest. At the present time, that would be people like Le Pen and the National Front in France, people like Geert Wilders and his Dutch Freedom Party in the Netherlands, and people like Jimmie Ã…kesson and his Swedish Democrats Party in Sweden.

If, on the other hand, Europe dawdles and lets the problem fester for a couple more years, it will either be too late or the only savior(s) will come in the form of someone much more radical; a Hitler, perhaps?

Hopefully, it will not get to that stage.

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