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"Challenging Islamophobia" at Golden West College

On June 25, there was another one of those interfaith love fests at Golden West College in Huntington Beach. It was entitled, "Challenging Islamophobia". Steve Amundson of the Counter Jihad Coalition was in attendance and wrote the below report. I am posting it with his permission.

Challenging Islamophobia – January 25, 2016

I won’t bore you by introducing all of the panelists from last night’s forum at Golden West College. The program is attached for your review.  I would like to note that dhimmi Dr. James Sauceda was seated in the center of the panelists with his Palestinian Keffiyeh draped around his shoulders.
All of the questions came from people sending them in online.  No questions were asked of the audience.  The only response from what must be done to counter the Islamophobia came from Sahar Pirzada of CAIR.  When asked, she said there must be much more conversation and dialogue.

The forum started off by moderator Sande Hart stating that Islamophobia is a WICKED problem which needs to be confronted.  Hoping to get credibility from the audience and the imam, she stated she put on a hijab and went to a mosque on 9-11 to show her support of the Moslem community.  That day she went to the library and grocery store all while submitting to Allah under the hijab.
When asked about gender equality in Islam, Sahar Pirzada responded that she is a feminist and a Moslem.  Could you explain that to me?  Unfortunately, no questions from the audience were solicited.  Marta, a convert to Islam, stated that the Quran gave rights and justice to women.
Half of the 100 or so in attendance raised their hand when asked how many were somewhat familiar with Islam.  The imam then proceeded to blabber out a 10 minute response, but never really did answer the question of, What is Islam?

Then came a question emailed in about the “Myths of Islam”.  Sahar of CAIR was quick to jump in and say that MSM has distorted Islam.   According to this Muslima, Islam is not oppressive to women (remember she is a self-proclaimed feminist and Muslima), East and the West can co-exist, Moslems are not terrorists and many GITMO prisoners are there unjustifiably.  The doctor in his Palestinian attire jumped in to say all religions have a history of violence.  When this Hamas appeasing doctor said that the first Muslim elected to Congress, Keith Ellison, was sworn in on Thomas Jefferson’s Quran, my seat belt held me back from leaping upon the stage.  Jefferson obtained the Quran to know the enemy Dr. Hamas.  Not as you stated to read, learn and embrace Islam.

So there you have the “love fest” of Moslems and dhimmis in a nutshell. Oh, I almost forgot, the first row of seating was reserved for Moslems and their handpicked dhimmis.

The two things I took away, good and bad:  This interfaith love fest, bull kaka is a well-greased machine.  They are very good at spewing lies.  And they are well organized.  For the good, they are very concerned about “Islamophobia”.  So continue the good work.

Below I have listed the organizations sponsoring this ill-conceived love fest and a few websites you may want to check out.
Cal State Long Beach
Coast Community College Board of Trustees
Huntington Beach City Council
Huntington Beach Human Relations Task Force
Huntington Beach PD
Los Angeles Latino Muslim Association
Oak View Com UNIDAD
Orange County Human Relations (our buddy Rusty Kennedy)
Orange County Interfaith Network
Spiritual and Religious Alliance for HOPE
Pacifica Institute
United Nations Association of Orange County
A FEW WEBSITES – From material I picked up      (This is the UN site for Orange County

Fousesquawk comments.

This guy, Sauceda sounds like a real plum.

I find it amazing how many of these Islamic events are fashioned so as to control the q and a. I have years of experience in attending them and trying to ask questions. (Sometimes you can.)

As for the panel, Ms Pirzada, the CAIR rep, was one of those who supported the cancellation of Bill Maher's commencement address at UC Berkeley. She signed a petition to that effect.

"I cannot let my alma mater stoop so low as to invite an Islamophobic speaker to the Dec commencement."
I won't go into another diatribe about CAIR.

As for Ms Hart's description of Islamophobia as wicked, tell that to Christians in the Middle East who are running for their lives. Who is being wicked here? Wicked to me is cutting people's heads off, massacring Christians and Jews in Europe, and selling captive women into sexual slavery. Wicked to me is Sunnis and Shia killing each other for centuries over who should have been the rightful successor to the Prophet Mohammad. Wicked to me is raping European women because you think you have a license to do so.

I found several articles on Ms Ramirez, who has written and spoken extensively of leaving Catholicism for Islam. That is her right, but has anyone ever pointed out to her that the next time she chooses to change religions it may cost her her life? I realize the Catholic Church used to kill heretics many centuries ago, but does so no longer while Islam still believes that apostates must be put to death-and often are.

Of course, none of this came out at Golden West College. It wasn't allowed to.

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