Friday, December 4, 2015

White Student Union at UC Santa Barbara Lists "Demands"

Hat tip The College Fix

"We as a compassionate student body have gathered to address the legacy of oppression against persons of Europe@n descent (PED) on campus. If these goals are not initiated within the next quarter, and completed by the second week of Winter Quarter, we will organize and respond by respectfully complaining."

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Can't make this stuff up, Folks.

A newly-formed (I think) White Student Union has jumped on the old bandwagon with their own list of outrageous demands. It's all tongue-in-cheek though I suspect some will not get the humor.

Image result for notre dame fighting irish
"No justice, no peace!"

"What do we want?


"When do we want it?"


I suggest that since UCSB has the world's only traffic circle for bicycles, they erect a monument in the middle as some sort of French-themed Arc de Triumph.

Image result for arc de triomphe empty no cars

There you go.

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