Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Trump and the 9-11 Cheering

Hat tip Creeping Sharia

Among the many things Donald Trump has said that have caused an uproar, he has claimed to have seen televised images of thousands of people  (Muslims) cheering 9-11 in New Jersey on that fateful day. True or not true?

Without getting into the minutia of Trump's day-to-day comments (a daunting task), I can say that I recall hearing news reports about some Muslims cheering 9-11 from across the river in New Jersey-but not by the thousands. The below posting by Creeping Sharia (via NJ Advance Media) explores what really happened on that day.

So it appears there were some pockets of Muslims who gathered on the rooftops to watch and cheer the horrific event across the river in New York. Certainly not in the numbers that Trump describes. However, we do know that large numbers of people were in the streets of Gaza and the West Bank to cheer and pass out candy in the traditional Palestinian style of celebration.

In addition, the Norwegian writer who goes by the nom de plume, Fjordman, was studying Arabic in Cairo when 9-11 happened. He was so appalled at seeing Egyptians celebrating that he left and evolved into a critic of Islam who lives under the dual threat of being murdered by jihadists and prosecuted by his own government for what he writes.

Trump may not have gotten his facts straight and his memory may be faulty, but make no mistake: There was some celebrating on 9-11.


elwood p suggins said...

Like Gary, I also distinctly recall seeing reportage/footage, I believe on more than one network, of people whom they, not me, identified as "Muslims", who were celebrating on rooftops and in the streets in Jersey City, NJ. For all I know they were not Muslims at all, but they sure were celebrating something, dancing/prancing about and cheering like at a pep rally.

The mention in the link about one police officer clearing "20-30 people" from a rooftop also agrees with my memory of seeing what I thought both at the time, and now, to be a couple of dozen fools cavorting about on a rooftop with the smoke from the towers in the background.

Whether you excuse it or not, Trump's statement(s) relative to these celebrations involving "thousands" of participants is almost certainly more hyperbole than anything else.

And of course the MM/Left, to include the current mayor of Jersey City and terrorist groups like CAIR, are jumping on the bandwagon, attempting to show that since Trump "lied" about the number of participants, no demonstrations occurred at all. Bottom line is that there were in fact celebrations involving dozens/hundreds of people right there in River City.

Gary Fouse said...

That's right. Dozens in Jersey City. Thousands in the West Bank in Gaza and in total, millions around the world cheered 9-11. But if we bring it up-we are the bad guys.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

And then there are the weddings in Jewish settlements where the celebrate the torching of Palestinian homes by Jewish terrorists, sometimes thrusting bayonets into posted picture of the occupants who were forced to flee.

There's a few bad apples in every crowd.

Gary Fouse said...

I am unaware of that, but would condemn it.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

I'm sure you would... and for that matter, I recall Yassir Arafat donating blood for the wounded of 9/11... which was of course a publicity stunt arranged on camera for maximum progaganda value, but so are a lot of other gestures that hit the media.