Saturday, December 5, 2015

Supporting Muslim Reformers: Shireen Qudosi

Just as I support black conservatives, I also support people whom I consider true Muslim reformers. One of those is Dr Zuhdi Jasser and another is Stephen Schwartz, both of whose blogs I have linked on this site.

I would also like to bring your attention to Shireen Qudosi, a young Sufi Muslim lady and graduate of UC Irvine. Shireen is willing to face the fact that extremism is a problem within Islam, and that something must change.

Shireen is currently working on a book project designed to add to the growing discussion on Islam and what must be done. It is described in the below link. She is consulting with both Jasser and Schwartz.

As Shireen states in the link, she is seeking financial support to complete this work. I think it is a worthwhile venture, so I am posting it here and asking my readers to consider a donation.

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