Thursday, December 31, 2015

Sharia Law: "No Contradiction With the US Constitution"

Hat tip Creeping Sharia and International Business Times

"There is no contradiction between Sharia law and the US Constitution"
-Imam Muzammil Siddiqi

- Michael Downing, LAPD Chief of Counter Terrorism
February 19, 2012

The Indonesian province of Aceh is governed by Sharia law. Accordingly, when an unmarried couple was found affectionately touching, they were publicly caned outside a mosque.

Of course any mention of Sharia law brings back that day in 2012 when I attended a public town hall at the Islamic Center of Orange County in Garden Grove, California. What a day it was. The panelists were, then-LA County Sheriff Lee Baca (who refused to recognize radicalism in any local mosque), LAPD Chief of Counter Terrorism Michael Downing (whose thinking matched Baca's), Maxine Waters, Judy Chu and Loretta Sanchez (all Democratic representatives in Congress), US Attorney for the Central District of  California Andre Birotte Jr., Riffat Masood, Consul General of Pakistan in Los Angeles, and, of course, Muzammil Siddiqi, head imam.

Both Siddiqi and Downing told the audience that there was no contradiction between Sharia law and the US Constitution. Maxine Waters, in her own inimitable way, said that efforts by states to pass anti-Sharia laws were "motivated by anti-Muslim bigotry, plain and simple."

They should all read the article about how Sharia law is being applied in Indonesia.


Squid said...

All the offenders mentioned in your post are either trying to deceive their audience, garner votes, collect money in the form of donations from Middle East countries, practice taquea or just plain ignorant of Sharia law. Nothing in Sharia is like the U.S. Constitution. I just purchased a book entitled "Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates." Even in 1801, the Islamists were burning our ships, taking our commerce and enslaving the crews. This is Sharia and Jefferson sent the Marines to the shores of Tripoli to wipe out the pirates, who would not compromise and make a deal. Too bad Obama, Kerry, Monez and the rest of the do not do the same with ISIS.

Just announced today, the White House is delaying sanctions on Iran for their two ICBM missile launches in October and the firing of missiles in close proximity of our aircraft carrier in the straits of Hormuz, near the Arabian Sea. Obama and his minions, including Democrats will purposely deceive us about ISIS, and Sharia.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Sharia law is in the mind of the speaker or the listener, or the exponent of X.

In Aceh province, it means what the authorities in Aceh province say it means.

In the USA, it means what Muslims assimilating as American citizens say it means.

In the USA, it means what Muslim militants who have a different vision say it means.

To an Ammadiyah, it means what an Ammadiyah says it means.

In the Islamic Republic of Iran, it means what the Guardian Council says it means.

When Squid writes, it means what Squid wants it to mean to justify his tirade.

When someone says Sharia is perfectly consistent with the U.S. Constitution, he has in mind an interpretation of Sharia that IS perfectly consistent with the U.S. Constitution.

Incidentally, if the couple involved were Muslims who adhered to the understanding of Sharia prevelant in Aceh province, possibly it is more comparable to the American Protestant churches in which the pastor oversees errant teens being caned for some misdemeanor... which I don't support, but one could hardly say that this is THE meaning of The Gospels, could one?

Squid said...

I have to agree with you Siarlys, Sharia in Iran and Saudi Arabia is interpreted as they see fit for their countries. This is why Saudi Arabia publically executed 138 Saudis for drug trafficking in 2015 and Iran publically executed over 1000 Iranians in the same year. The defendants had no right to a defense counsel at the Sharia trials and most had no previous record of offenses. So yes, Shariai is interpreted deferently in Middle East countries.
Personally, I would take the U.S. constitution over Sharia. And yes, there is a striking difference between Sharia and our Constitution.
God bless America


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Squid, I would have thought you were in favor of publicly executing drug traffickers...

Sure there is a striking difference between Sharia and our Constitution. There is also a striking difference between Kosher and our Constitution. Two are religious prescriptions, the other is a secular political framework. But if certain ultra-religious Jews have their way, Kosher and related Deuteronomic laws will indeed be applied a political prescription... unlike the way Jews in America will continue to find Kosher entirely consistent with the United States Constitution.