Friday, December 25, 2015

"O Holy Night" by the Hillsdale College Choir

Hat tip College Insurrection

Here is a beautiful rendition of "O Holy Night" by the Hillsdale College choir.

Hillsdale College in Michigan is a private institution that does not accept any government funding. Instead of indoctrination, students can expect a quality education at Hillsdale and also learn a healthy appreciation for the US Constitution. In the bleak landscape of academia these days, Hillsdale is a shining star.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

Beautiful. I pretty much only listen to sacred carols, none of that "Dreaming of a White Christmas" or "Home for the holidays" or "Here comes Santa Claus" stuff, even if my kindergarten teacher did write "Up on the rooftops" and "Jolly old St. Nicholas." As for not taking government funding, I approve, across the board. (Nobody has any legitimacy claiming to be "left" if they take government funding either.)