Friday, December 4, 2015

Obama Appoints a JV Czar

Hat tip PJ Media and Squid

As President Obama hunkers down in his White House bunker rather than admit to the nation that America has been hit with the bloodiest Islamic terrorist attack since 9-11, it just gets more and more bizarre. It has been announced that we now have a "czar" to coordinate the fight (I use those words lightly.) against ISIS, a group Obama not long ago called "a JV team".

Worse yet, he names a man with a spotted past when it comes to the Middle East. His name is Robert Malley. Isn't he the same guy Obama had to can from his 2008 campaign because he was meeting with Hamas?


I also note that Malley briefed the much-maligned UC Irvine Olive Tree Initiative delegation in Washington in 2012 as they made their way to the Middle East. Wonderful.

What's he going to do-negotiate a surrender? Alger Hiss would be proud.

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