Thursday, December 10, 2015

Minnesota-Somali-Another Terror Arrest

Back in the 1990s, our State Department helped bring in some 80,000 Somalis into the US. The largest settlement was in Minneapolis, now home to a district nicknamed "Little Mogadishu". Since then more and more members of that community have either disappeared back into Somalia's terror group, Al Shabaab, or have been arrested for provided support to terrorists. Now we have yet another.

Thanks a lot, State Department.


elwood p suggins said...

As we increase the number of poorly-vetted Muslims who are admitted, a corresponding increase, in addition to what is already out there (Dearborn??), of these enclaves will spring up. It's inevitable.

elwood p suggins said...

Little anecdote here.

I live way out here in the heartland of America, roughly 100 miles or so from both the geographical AND demographic centers of the lower 48. Yes, we have fewer minorities in general, and fewer Muslims in particular. That is just how it is.
I live outside a "smallish" city/"largish" town (2010 pop. 159K). Have to include seven (7) surrounding counties to bring the "metro area" population up to 500K.

We have exactly one mosque here and, as far as I can make out, not another single one within a 100-mile radius. In some 28 years here, I have NEVER to my memory seen a male wearing what I call "Muslim garb" within the southwestern quadrant of the state, as appears to be common elsewhere. I can count on one hand, with maybe fingers to spare, the number of women I have seen wearing "traditional Muslim dress", which at that consisted of hijabs only, no burkas.

Even so, we had a little to-do this past week.

First, three (3) men of "Middle Eastern descent" purchased a suspicious "number" of prepaid cell phones at Best Buy here. A couple of days later, in a small town (pop 15K) about 60 miles up I-44 from here, two males, first identified as "foreign-speaking" and later as "Muslim", bought some 60 cell phones at the local WalMart. Caused a little stir.

Even later, at approximately two-day intervals, at least one male bought 32 cell phones at a WalMart in a larger city (100K-plus) in the central part of the state, and five (5) males bought another unstated but apparently fairly large quantity of cell phones at yet another WalMart in another small town (also about 15K) about 60 miles north of where the 32 were purchased. No info yet on their ethnicities/religion, but does anyone wanna bet a substantial amount that they were not also Muslims?? Gotcha covered.

One or more of several things could be up. This is exceedingly strange/weird behavior for this area. Why would a bunch of Muslim males want well over 100 (maybe 150 or more) phones?? If they paid cash, we do not, and most likely will never, know who they are. That is a LOT of activity for a VERY small miniority. Almost certainly indicates skullduggery of some sort.

If a terrorist attack was in the offing, I would have expected more caution in the purchases so as to avoid suspicion. Possibly just rubbing our noses in it, kinda like the kid, no doubt encouraged by his parents, and the "dry run/hoax" radio "bomb". But you never know until you know, and even then sometimes you can't be sure.

In any event, since even us paranoids have some real enemies, I believe I will start going strapped more frequently than in the past. Probably will also have the wife get a CCW permit, so she can have her little Chief's Special with her. She is ready, willing, and able to give you a couple in the brisket if you need it. No shrinking violet, she.