Saturday, December 12, 2015

Loretta Sanchez Tries to Walk Back Her Remarks

What a choice we have for our next senator in California. It will be between two Democrats, both liberals, Loretta Sanchez, who is currently a representative in the House, and Kamala Harris, California Attorney General. Oh yeah! There will be some unknown Republican who doesn't have a chance because, after all, this is California. Sanchez is now in hot water for telling Larry King (Is he still alive?) that a certain percentage of American Muslims are radical. (I think we already knew that.) Now she is trying to walk it back.

Watching that video, I suspect Loretta might have had a couple of highballs before hooking up with Larry. Anyway, this is a good time to recall one of my own encounters with Loretta. That was back in 2012 when she appeared with Representatives Maxine Waters, Judy Chu and a few other bigwigs at the Islamic Center of Orange County. The occasion? That was to convince the local community that sharia law was perfectly compatible with the US Constitution. Yes, she and the other luminaries joined with Imam Muzammil Siddiqi to put their own personal imprimaturs on that. She also angrily told one of my friends in the audience to shut off his video camera. Yet, some of it was captured on videotape.

Seems Loretta is pretty confused. She apparently doesn't know what to think.

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