Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Let's Play, "Name That Winner!"

"It's time for another exciting episode of, "Name That Winner! And here is your host, Steeeeve Harrrrvey!"

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SH: "Thank you, thank you, thank you. And let's welcome back our contestant for the final round of "Name That Winner". Here, trying for the one million dollar grand prize-plus a brand new car is James Clapper."

(No applause)

SH: "So, James. Are you ready for the million-dollar question?"

JC: "As ready as I ever will be Steve."

SH: "OK: Remember-you still have all three of your lifelines. Here is the big question: Name the winner of the 2015 Major League Baseball World Series. The choices are":

a Kansas City Royals
b LA Lakers
c Manchester United
d The Rolling Stones

JC: "Let's go 50-50, Steve."

a Kansas City Royals
b LA Lakers

JC: "I think I'd better call a friend."

SH: "Who are you calling?"

JC: "President Obama. He's on vacation in Hawaii."

BO: "Yo!"

JC: "Mr President. This is Clapper. I'm on, "Name That Winner", and I need to know the answer to the million dollar question."

BO: "Make it quick. I'm on the 9th tee."

JC: "Who won the 2015 World Series?  It's either the KC Royals or the LA Lakers. Any idea?"

BO: "That's easy. It can't be the Royals because they're the JV team, and the Lakers have Kobe. Go with the Lakers."


JC: "The answer is Lakers, Steve."

SH: "You still have one lifeline, James. You can ask the people in the audience."

JC: "Who cares what the people think? What do they know? It's the Lakers. Final answer."

SH: (long pause) "And you are absolutely correct! Congratulations! You have won one million dollars and a brand new car!"

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5 minutes later......

SH: "I must apologize........The answer is Kansas City Royals. Where is Mr Clapper?"

"Calling all cars. Be on the lookout. Suspect driving a brand new car with a million dollars in the trunk. May be heading to the Philippians or Columbia."

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

Have you seen the cartoon announcing that Bernie Sanders is the Democratic nominee, and Hillary shouting "Get Steve Harvey out of here"? Sanders is kinda right wing for me, but as I said in 2008, Anybody But Hillary.