Tuesday, December 8, 2015

JU Steet U at UMD Has a Muslim President

Hat tip The College Fix

For those of you who still believe the motto of J Street and its campus branch, J Street U, that it is "Pro-Israel-pro-peace" read this: The University of Maryland chapter of J Street U has just announced that its new president is a Muslim.

“As long as Hillel International wants to fight BDS and wants to have this very blind support for militias and avoids addressing the root of these issues—[Israeli] occupation—then yes, we’ll remain at odds, because that’s what the students want,” she told The Fix.

I don't have an issue so much with J Street U at the University of Maryland having a Muslim president. However, Anna Farooqi's comments indicate to me that while she may honestly desire peace, she does not strike me as being pro-Israel. The point remains that J Street is being dishonest by labeling itself as "pro-Israel".

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