Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Ben Shapiro's Free Speech "Crosses the Line"

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro was giving a talk at Otay Ranch High School near San Diego yesterday when he was interrupted by school administrator Dean Nafarrete, who stated that Mr Shapiro's comments had "crossed a line". Breitbart has the report and the video of the incident.

The line Shapiro crossed was the line of political correctness. It seems that much like our universities, our high schools are not teaching students the idea of free speech and what it means to our society.

To borrow a worn phrase, "Today they are stopping people from speaking. Tomorrow, they will be taking the speakers to jail."

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Squid said...

I looked at this video and noted that Dean Nafarrete is a relatively young administrator. There is a good possibility that he attended one of our more Progressive California universities, that are crawling with Marxist types. Joseph Stalin, Hitler, Mao and Joseph Goebbels would be pleased with Nafarrete in his shutdown of free speech, for a moment, during the presentation.