Thursday, December 24, 2015

Another Farce in France

Hat tip Gallia Watch

                                                                                                   In? Or out?

As the French try to grapple with their growing terrorism problem, one of their biggest handicaps is that they have as minister of justice, a radical named Christiane Taubira, a native of Guyana. Currently, she is the subject of a major political embarrassment in France.

Un souhait tout de suite réalisable : bon débarras Taubira !
Christiane Taubira-France's Eric Holder

After the latest French attacks, President Hollande had announced that he was introducing a  measure in a constitutional reform bill that would have stripped French citizenship from bi-national criminals. Then, this week, under pressure from the Socialist Party, he flip-flopped on the measure announcing that he was pulling it.

Now it develops that Taubira had made the announcement that Hollande was pulling the measure in Algeria-before Hollande had announced it himself. So as it stands now, the measure is back in as Hollande tries to save face.

Gallia Watch has the report, which has much more detail on Taubira's role than the above-linked Guardian article.

"This was too much even for Hollande, a man of unfathomable weakness."
-Gallia Watch 

Well, we here in the USA know what it's like, don't we, Folks? 


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