Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Amin Odeh: Portrait of a Seattle "Civil Rights Leader"

Hat tip The Mike Report


Once upon a time, there was a man named Julius Streicher. One of the original Nazis, he was the district (Gauleiter) leader of Franconia and editor of Nuremberg's infamous anti-Semitic weekly, Der Stuermer. It featured cartoons by a character whose nom de plume was "Rips". His creations featured grossly stereotypical images of Jews sucking the blood out of Christians and preying on blonde German women. No figure in Nazi Germany, with the possible exception of Hitler himself, did as much to spread hate towards Jews as did Julius Streicher.
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Julius Streicher                                                                        
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After the war, Streicher was one of the major Nazi war criminals tried in Nuremberg. Ironically, he had been forced into retirement due to his excesses and spent most of the war years living quietly on his estate outside of Nuremberg. As far as I know, Streicher never killed anyone or even ordered the killing of anyone. He was not involved in the machinery of the Holocaust that killed 6 million Jews. Yet he was convicted on one count of crimes against humanity and was hanged. Even by Nazi standards, Streicher was a despicable creature.

Today, in Seattle, there is a man named Amin Odeh who is an anti-Israel activist. He takes his opposition to Israel to extreme lengths as seen by these images in which he traffics.


I am not trying to say that Mr Odeh is equal to Julius Streicher. What I will say, however, is that nobody who traffics in these types of images and who makes such statements about Jews in general deserves to call himself a human rights activist.

And shame on these Christian and Jewish leaders in Seattle who lend their credibility to Odeh.


Michael Behar said...

Yes, Odeh is quite a piece of work, but equally liable are those who continue to associate with him. Thanks for sharing.

Gary Fouse said...


The ones who associate with and give legitimacy to these creeps are very dangerous. They influence others.