Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Wesleyan Students Demand Micro-Aggression Tip Line

Hat tip The College Fix

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"You have reached the Micro-Aggression Tip Line. To report a micro-aggression, press 1." To report a macro-aggression, press 2."

You can't make this stuff up. The little rascals at Wesleyan College are now demanding a micro-aggression tip line.

Well, Michael Roth, the president of the university (pictured below), shot that down real quick....sort of.

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"Roth accepted no responsibility for the protesters’ demand that he issue a “statement of accountability” for “perpetuating the vilification of students of color,” saying only he has never intended to defend “those in positions of privilege at the expense of others.”

Here is a report from the campus newspaper, the Wesleyan Argus. You need to be sitting down for this.

You gotta laugh to keep from crying.

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