Tuesday, November 3, 2015

US Attorney for Minnesota Wants to Crack Down on Islamophobia

Andrew Luger (Jim Mone / Associated Press)

Andrew Luger
Islamophobia Crackdown

Andrew Luger, a big Democratic contributor and member of J Street, should be a very busy man as US Attorney for Minnesota. He has a large Somali community that has contributed several men for Al Shabaab and more recently ISIS. Yet, Mr Luger appears to have time on his hands as he has announced a new priority for his office. He wants to crack down on Islamophobia.

I heard about this on Mark Levin's radio show this evening and it is posted in Breitbart. I have added my comment to the Minneapolis Star's comment section.

Islamophobia, as I have oft stated,  is a tricky term to define. I wonder what Mr Luger's definition is. If he means someone who hates Muslims that lets me off the hook. While we should not blame all Muslims for the horrors that are happening around the world, we must not ignore the threats. In virtually every Muslim nation, religious minorities are persecuted. It is legitimate to question the true nature of Islam, the Koran and the life of Mohammad. We have every right to know the exact nature of the threat against us. We also have every right to challenge the government's policies of bringing in people who are high risk for terrorist activity. Just what kind of speech is Mr Luger going to challenge here?
Nobody is suggesting harming our Muslim neighbors. The FBI statistics demonstrate that Americans have been very understanding since 9-11 and that Muslims are not being targeted for revenge or persecution. Yes, Islam has a negative perception. Given what is happening around the world, it is perfectly understandable. Are we not supposed to talk about it, Mr Luger?
I suggest Mr Luger get back to his real job.

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